HomeTech Consumer's Guide to HD Cable TV Problems

Need help navigating the breakdown between your HD equipment and your HD cable connection?

The HomeTech team has decided to arm our customers with practical, easy-to-use information that will help them ensure that they are taking advantage of all that the cable companies have to offer.

As HD CABLE TV is becoming the standard among most cable customers, we at HomeTech have noticed an increasing number of problems develop. By far, the majority of service issues related to the proper operation of a HomeTech Surround Sound System can be traced to the cable company and/or it's set-top boxes. No cable provider is exempt as most use the same Motorola DCT6412 Digital Video Recorder or a variant. With this in mind we have listed below the most common problems and what to look for. Keep in mind that all cable providers offer a 24/7 support line in addition to our service.

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Picture, No Sound:

This is a very common error in new cable boxes. Change the channel up and then back down. DVR boxes are especially prone to this when recording a show while watching another.

No Cable Guide Data:

This often happens after box is "reset" or uploaded from the provider with new software. As many cable companies are updating their boxes in the field to add new channels in HD, problems have occurred.

Pixelating (Tiling):

This is most often due to a weak signal input to cable box. Also because of old style signal splitters in the home. By rule, cable companies must provide a certain level of signal strength to the home. Within the home, splitters and bad connections can drain away signal quality. Standard definition TV's and boxes can operate at a lower signal level, HD cable boxes cannot.

Secondly, every HD Cable Box is at least as powerful as your PC at home and DVR's have hard-drives equal in size or larger. While software is being updated or the drives are be defragmented, less processing power is used for picture generation, the result is slow box performance and poor picture quality, pixilation.

Frozen Cable Box:

After the cable box is reset, the Operating System "Passport Echo" screen is frozen at 7 segments.

Press Exit the on remote control.

Be sure that the Cable RF connection is made before power is applied to the cable box.

When speaking to your cable provider technician and the box is to be reset, ensure they are "hitting" the correct box. Many times the MAC address (on a label under the box) is wrong in their computers and they send a damaging signal to your box. This often happens when swapping out an old digital box for a new HD version.

Humming Sound Through Audio System:

This often happens after cable technicians have serviced your box or installed a new one. What you hear is the video signal connected to the audio jacks. Many times the RED right channel sound wire is connected to the RED color video output at Component Out. Then the Red video is connected to Audio out.

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